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What is your favorite word? Irrepressible. It reminds me that I’m supposed to bounce back. Every time.

Best story: I had a $1 press card from Teen Life magazine. I took it seriously and got into my first Beatles press conference at 14. When I was 17, Paul McCartney bought me a drink. I thought, “You have to keep up with this writing thing. It makes miracles happen.”

What’s your astrology? Aries sun, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising — March 21, 1950, Kansas City, Missouri, 11:45 pm.

Most meaningful movie? Auntie Mame, the 1958 Rosalind Russell original, set in 1930s Manhattan. Mame, a fashionable free-thinker with a heart of gold, was my childhood role model. Still is.

Main Street Vegan Podcast

One of USA Today‘s 2023 top 10 Vegan food podcasts

back by popular demand

The Main Street Vegan Podcast returns

Vitality, Spirituality, Compassion

Everybody knows that the future is vegan, but it can also be a grand adventure right now. On the Main Street Vegan Podcast, bestselling author and vegan OG Victoria Moran invites you to be in on conversations with the best and brightest in this space. You’ll hear from physicians, philosophers, activists, athletes, chefs and celebrities on eating and living for optimum health, while protecting the planet and saving the lives and ending the suffering of animals. Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just taking a look, Main Street Vegan will help you live with purpose, eat with joy, and craft a life that makes a difference.

“When you cease limiting your possibilities, you can live so every day brings gifts as welcome as a check in the mail.”

—from Creating a Charmed Life

inspirational author

When reading the New York Times, I keep a dictionary nearby because I’m sure to come upon a word I don’t know. A year or so ago I learned in this way that the word oeuvre means in English the full collection of a writer’s or composer’s works.

After I learned the word, I lined up all my books—every edition, and a couple of out-of-print guided journals too —and took this picture. If you click here, you’ll go to my Books and Articles page, where you can explore a bit about each one, and find links to some recent articles of mine as well.

If you prefer to start by looking ahead, click here to get a glimpse of Age Like a Yogi, the book I intend to write next.


what people are saying

“Victoria is one of my heroines. Her integrity, determination and beautiful heart have shown us all through the years how to live a life with passion, artistry, purpose and accomplishment. The world–I know my world–is so much better and brighter for having her in it.”

– Michael Klaper, MD, founder of Moving Medicine Forward

“Victoria Moran is the wonderful combination of dedicated yogi and gifted writer. Her words transmit the essence of compassion and calmness, with plenty of fun besides.”

– Rep. Jeremy Gray, Alabama state representative whose bill overturned a 28-year ban on teaching yoga in the state’s public schools

“Victoria is one of the strongest, most creative, most resilient, dedicated, entrepreneurial, and delightful people I know–and a magical writer to boot.”

– Deborah Shouse, author of Love in the Land of Dementia

“I have known Victoria for 30 years, and read all of her books, and she is the MOST inspiring woman.”

—Kristine Carlson, co-creator of the NYT bestselling Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books

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