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Everybody knows that the future is vegan, but it can also be a grand adventure right now. On the Main Street Vegan Podcast, bestselling author and vegan OG Victoria Moran invites you to be in on conversations with the best and brightest in this space. You’ll hear from physicians, philosophers, activists, athletes, chefs and celebrities on eating and living for optimum health, while protecting the planet and saving the lives and ending the suffering of animals. Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just taking a look, the Main Street Vegan Podcast will help you live with purpose, eat with joy, and craft a life that makes a difference.

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The Victoria Moran Podcast Archive

Meetings With Remarkable Women

Episode 29
August 31, 2023

Life Lessons from a Death Investigator, Barbara Butcher

Barbara Butcher, featured investigator in the Dick Wolf Netflix series Homicide New York, spent 23 years in the New York City Chief Medical Examiner's Office, investigating more than 5500 deaths and working disasters including the 2004 tsunami and 9/11. In...

Episode 27
August 3, 2023

Elaine Pagels: Why Religion?

Noted scholar of the history of religions, Elaine Pagels describes her own spiritual life as one of music, nature, friendship, and love. The author of books including The Gnostic Gospels, The Gospel of Thomas, and the memoir Why Religion? shares about...

Episode 26
July 20, 2023

Grassroots Peacemaking With Rev. Carol Saunders

Unity and Interfaith minister Carol Saunders, whose podcast-based ministry, The Spiritual Forum, serves a diverse audience of spiritual seekers, hosted the first Whole Planet Spirituality Forum & Retreat at Unity's heavenly headquarters outside Kansas City, Missouri, in 2021. This year's...

Episode 25
July 6, 2023

SuperFoods, Super Life With Your Super Founder Kristel de Groot

When Kristel de Groot's husband, then boyfriend, Michael Kuech, was diagnosed with cancer in his 20s, she stepped up to buoy his conventional treatments with superfood blends containing ingredients shown to bolster immunity and retard the progression of some malignancies....

Episode 24
June 22, 2023

“Fairy Godmother of Love,” Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford is a gifted writer and the author of twelve books including the international bestseller, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction, and her debut novel, The Love Thief, a roller-coaster ride of love, betrayal,...

Episode 23
June 8, 2023

On Gratitude, With Life Coach Mariquita Solis

Mariquita Solis inspires clients around the world, with a special focus on Vegan Empowerment Coaching, the name of her company. Gratitude is central to Mariquita's way of healing lives and manifesting success. Whether it's self-acceptance, overcoming grief, outgrowing childhood trauma,...

Episode 22
May 25, 2023

Audible Insights With Voiceover Actor Eunice Wong

Julliard-trained actor, prolific narrator of audiobooks, and Vegan activist Eunice Wong take us backstage in the world of voiceover. If you've ever listened to a book, you'll be fascinated by Eunice's insider insights into the interesting iteration of the actor's...

Episode 21
May 15, 2023

Nutritionist for Plant-Based Dogs: Diana Laverdure-Dunetz

The meat-heavy diets of our companion animals have a huge carbon pawprint. While cats are compulsory carnivores, dogs are omnivores and can live -- in fact, thrive -- on a fully plant-based diet. (Case in point: a British border collie...

Episode 20
April 27, 2023

A Light in This World: Vonettia Calloway

Founder of The Black Vegan Experience (, Vonettia Calloway is a Biblical Christian, a mom, an exceptional middle school science teacher, and the wife of a U.S. Army combat veteran who suffers from PTSD. She wrote a beautiful children's coloring book, My...

Episode 19
April 13, 2023

Enlightened Living, Dining & Healing With Yogi Nina Hayes

Nina Hayes was drawn to mysticism as a little girl in Catholic school, and she discovered yoga early. She was also stricken in her mid-teens with a digestive disorder that led to twenty surgeries. In overcoming everything from fear of...

Episode 18
March 30, 2023

Women Without Kids, With Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington is English and gorgeous and real and funny and brave -- and really good writer. She started her career in magazine journalism in London and did that whole glossy thing for several years, but her soul called her...

Episode 17
March 16, 2023

Fashionable Compassion With Ashley Byrne

Ashley Byrne has been taking a stand for animals since she was a teen and she now does this officially through her role with Peta. Today, we tackle dressing without guilt and looking fabulous in your own skin without appropriating...

Episode 16
March 2, 2023

Animals, Kids, and Yoga for Grownups, With Kathleen Kastner

Kathleen Kastner is an author, yogi, fitness expert, animal rescuer, and committed Vegan. We talk about her new picture book, Karma Cats to the Rescue -- based on a true story of two house cats who help a stray kitty acclimate to having a...

Episode 15
February 16, 2023

Vegan Fiction With Christine Melanie Benson

Marrying Myself is her debut novel from Christine Melanie Benson -- writer, attorney, and Main Street Vegan-certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach. In this thoughtful conversation, Benson connects the dots: romantic love, self-love, animals, food choices, and life choices. The novel's protagonist...

Episode 14
February 2, 2023

‘Zine Queen & Dog Rescuer: Karen Asp

Journalism is a tough business, with magazines and newspapers perishing at a steady clip and a largely unvetted Internet providing content from writers who are largely underpaid. Karen Asp, however, is remarkable: a professional journalist and author with a food, health, and...

Episode 13
January 19, 2023

Plant-Based Comfort Food With Kimberly Campbell

Comfort food from a Campbell, the royal family of high-nutrition food choices? Yep, all this and Sweet Potato Pancakes, Poppy Seed Dressing, and Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie, too. Kim Campbell (she's married to Nelson Campbell, director of the film PlantPure Nation;...

Episode 12
December 29, 2022

Style, Substance & Tranquility du Jour: Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly Wilson is my style role model, embracing the effortless savoir-faire of a Parisian woman -- but she grew up in Oklahoma. She is a psychotherapist, pet loss grief counsellor, adult ballerina, eco/activewear designer, author, podcaster, and longtime yogini who...

Episode 11
December 15, 2022

Vegan Activist Jamie Logan

A 24-year-old New Yorker whose life is dedicated to ending animal suffering, Jamie Logan is a case study in commitment. Whether standing silently in a Cube of Truth, showing video imagery of standard practices in animal ag; going out on...

Episode 10
December 1, 2022

Medical Medium Protocols With Muneeza Ahmed

Muneeza, the Intuitive Medicine Woman®, is a healer who was once a patient. Chronic fatigue syndrome and intractable eczema pushed her to find answers beyond what traditional medicine had to offer. She studied nutrition, changed her own diet, became a certified...

Episode 9
November 17, 2022

Bones and All Author Camille DeAngelis

Oscar buzz started for the romance/horror film based on the eponymous book by today's guest when it premiered to a standing ovation and rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival. Brimming with star power -- Taylor Russell, Timothee Chalamet, Mark...

Episode 8
November 3, 2022

The Wonder of Slowing Down, With Rev. Lauren McLaughlin

With her unshakeable confidence and a voice like Lauren Bacall's, the Lauren featured on this episode belies her chronological age: eighty-two. Rev. Lauren McLaughlin is a Unity minister, spiritual teacher, and author whose work centers on gratitude, the shifts we...

Episode 7
October 27, 2022

Social Graces & Business Class, With Jacqueline Whitmore

Jacqueline Whitmore didn't come from the upper crust, but she learned early that courtesy and caring opened doors and created opportunity. After paying some dues to corporate America, she set out to found the Protocol School of Palm, offering etiquette...

Episode 6
October 13, 2022

Inflammation: The Mystery (and the History) With Shilpa Ravella, MD

They're such buzzwords: inflammation, anti-inflammatory...and yet few lay people know what they mean, even the millions suffering from arthritis, colitis, gingivitis, gastritis, and the numerous other conditions of obvious inflammation, not to mention the pathologies attributed to hidden inflammation, including...

Episode 5
September 29, 2022

Unbroken: Loss, Resilience, & Reinvention with Egli Colon Stephens, Ed.D

Bright bits from this episode: “Every person you see has stories, and every person you see has a few that would break your heart. We deserve each other’s respect simply because we’ve survived all we have and kept going anyway.”...

Episode 4
September 22, 2022

The Joy of Ritual with Barbara Biziou

Finding the miraculous in the ordinary, dealing bravely (and realistically) with down times, growing older brilliantly, marking the Autumn Equinox, and other milestones of the wheel of the year, and creating simple rituals for daily life are the delicious ingredients...

Episode 3
September 15, 2022

Elephants and Ecstasy, the Sangita Iyer Story

Ganesha, the elephant-headed god in the Hindu pantheon, is revered as the removal of obstacles, but in many Ganesha temples in India, particularly in the state of Kerala, birthplace of Sangita Iyer, live elephants are held, shackled as prisoners. In...

Episode 2
September 8, 2022

Animals as Spiritual Beings With Rev. Sarah Bowen

Does your dog or cat meditate with you? Interfaith minister and animal chaplain Sarah Bowen contends that other-than-human beings do this naturally and have spiritual lives every bit as rich as ours. Meet this fascinating woman, author of Spiritual Rebel...

Episode 1
September 1, 2022

Prayer Power with Agapi Stassinopoulos

September 1st, 2022 Meditating gets you coolness points; praying, hmm, not so much. Agapi Stassinopoulos reinvents prayer for those who may question or avoid religion. And Agapi, author of Speaking With Spirit and workshop leader for Thrive Global, founded by...

August 17, 2023

Living With End in Mind, With Heartwood Author Barbara Becker

Fans of Heartwood: The Art of Living With the End in Mind include Gloria Steinem and Katie Couric. The author of this                      memoir joins us today to discuss living fully with fully...

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