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Grassroots Peacemaking With Rev. Carol Saunders

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Unity and Interfaith minister Carol Saunders, whose podcast-based ministry, The Spiritual Forum, serves a diverse audience of spiritual seekers, hosted the first Whole Planet Spirituality Forum & Retreat at Unity’s heavenly headquarters outside Kansas City, Missouri, in 2021.

This year’s edition, Peace Begins With Me, will happen October 19-22, 2023, and feature spiritual practice, yoga, labyrinth and trail walking, and presentations including those from keynote speaker Renee King-Sonnen, the longtime yoga practitioner who turned her husband’s Texas cattle ranch into Rowdy Girl, a sanctuary for rescued farm animals. In today’s episode, Rev. Carol delves into peacemaking in our times, and the call to do this not only among nations, but within ourselves, with one another, other-than-human beings, and nature itself. See:

About our Guest

Rev. Carol Saunders is an ordained Unity (Unity Worldwide Ministries) and Interfaith (One Spirit Interfaith seminary) minister. She founded and led a church in Deerfield, IL for seven years.  She now lead The Spiritual Forum, a facilitated dialogue on how to put spiritual understanding into practice in our everyday lives. Each week’s dialogue is put out on podcast. She has ten years of experience as a spiritual teacher and minister.


Pretend that you live in a society in which women are valued more as time goes by, and create a mini-culture around you of people who actually do that.

—from Younger by the Day

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