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Nutritionist for Plant-Based Dogs: Diana Laverdure-Dunetz

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The meat-heavy diets of our companion animals have a huge carbon pawprint. While cats are compulsory carnivores, dogs are omnivores and can live — in fact, thrive — on a fully plant-based diet. (Case in point: a British border collie named Bramble was fed as a Vegan and lived to 25 — the Guinness record for dog longevity.) On this episode, Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, a canine nutritionist with a Masters degree in animal science, shares the how’s and why’s of feeding dogs in ways that will make them happy and healthy without animal products.

About our Guest

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz*, MS, holds a Master of Animal Science degree and is a multi- award-winning dog health writer, Plant-Powered Dog by Diane Laverdure-Dunetzvegan canine nutritionist and passionate animal advocate. Through her website Plant-Powered Dog (https://www.plantpowereddog.com/) and her canine nutrition practice, Diana empowers dog lovers to raise thriving plant-based dogs. Diana’s recently released book, “The Plant-Powered Dog: Unleash the healing powers of a whole-food plant-based diet to help your canine companion enjoy a healthier, longer life” draws on the latest scientific research to demonstrate why a nutritionally-sound plant-based diet may be the missing link to optimum health for modern companion dogs.

*Name pronounciation (Laverdure = LAV-er-der) (Dunetz = DooNETS)

Diana’s book: The Plant-Powered Dog: Unleash the Healing Powers of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet to Help Your Canine Companion Enjoy a Healthier, Longer Life

Website: Plant-Powered Dog: Vegan Dog Nutritionist

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theplantpowereddog

IG: https://www.instagram.com/plantpowereddog


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