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Vegan Fiction With Christine Melanie Benson

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Marrying Myself is her debut novel from Christine Melanie Benson — writer, attorney, and Main Street Vegan-certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach. In this thoughtful conversation, Benson connects the dots: romantic love, self-love, animals, food choices, and life choices. The novel’s protagonist is a Vegan whose journey to finding love takes a curious, and curiously satisfying, turn. And the author is a remarkable woman who shares her life journey and unfolding awakening.

About the guest

An attorney who’s been running from the law for much of her professional life, Christine Melanie Benson is also a fiction author, legal writer, nutrition coach, and host of the Vegan Posse podcast.

Marrying Myself from Christine Melanie BensonChrissy’s debut novel, Marrying Myself, which was released in November of 2022, features a vegan protagonist, and she is incredibly excited at the prospect of helping normalize veganism through the arts. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counselling, Chrissy brings her expertise and interest in self-healing to her fiction works, as demonstrated by the strong self-help component of Marrying Myself, which both entertains and inspires readers to fall in love with the world around them and, most of all, with themselves.

Podcast: Vegan Posse Podcast
Book: Marrying Myself


Pretend that you live in a society in which women are valued more as time goes by, and create a mini-culture around you of people who actually do that.

—from Younger by the Day

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